Come and Gone

Summer has come and gone and I have nothing to show for it. At least on this blog.

Countless hours spent with my team at amazing places like APUNSC’s Eagle Glacier and the high altitude camp in Park City made up most of the highlights.

My team on the glacier shot by the great Chris Hodel.

After Park City, I was fortunate enough to have my sister fly down for a little adventure into Moab before flying back to Anchorage. We had a solid two weeks of decent skiing but were forced to switch back to bounding when we had our annual thaw. We had to get creative with a few hockey games but our preparations for West Yellowstone were still good.

Sister watching the last sunset before not seeing it again for a month.

Our first period of racing was in Montana. First in West Yellowstone and finishing up in Bozeman with both a sprint and distance race in each weekend. For both sprints, my qualifiers went well but I left frustrated in the heats, getting out-lunged West and going down in Bozeman. I also struggled in the distance race in West before finding my rhythm for the racing in Bozeman before going down twice on an icy course.

Thanks to TOKO’s Ian Harvey for the always great shots in West Yellowstone.

When we returned to Anchorage, the skiing was still less than optimal, but luckily, the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage got the new snow making system going just in time to hold the Besh Cup races. I was able to pull to win through against a thick field in the sprint.

Besh Cup sprint podium with teammate Eric Packer in third and former UAF teammate Logan Hanneman in third.

Since I have not updated this for almost a year, there is a lot worth noting. Among that, I was able to participate in NANA Nordic as a coach for the first time.

A few of the adventures I’ve been on since last season. This is a picture from NANA Nordic in Noatak.

The whole experience was a blast and I can not wait to go again next spring.

More NANA Nordic pictures from Noatak. Coaches still need to get a workout, too!

After Besh Cups, I was able to hold my fourth annual Lickety-Splits Ski Camp for Kids. We had 150 kids sign up and with the help of 23 local coaches, it was the best one so far.

Lickety-Splits! Featuring our mascot moose antler name tags.

Photos thanks to the fantastic Dana Tower!

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to train and host camps like Lickety-Splits because of the support I get from the Anchorage community and my Gold sponsor, Northern Air Cargo.

I had a photo shoot with Northern Air Cargo which featured Sadie, who is sponsored by Saltchuk, which owns NAC. For some reason, they wouldn’t let us climb on top of it for the shots. We’ll work on it for next time though.

Thank you to Northern Air Cargo. I plan on representing them well throughout the rest of this season.

Another great shot from Chris Hodel featuring Northern Air Cargo and my focus face.

We move on to US Nationals at Houghton, Michigan in the beginning of January. I have always been able to hit my stride around January so I am really excited to get back on the road.

Until next time.

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